Sunday, April 5, 2020

AMG-Bob Mizer Double Feature, Part 2 - Levis

Part two of our AMG double feature is all about men in Levis.
We start with Mizer's Summer 1957 magazine cover.
Edited to add:  Richard Harrison.  See JamesIV's very interesting comment below!


  1. Richard Harrison was one of AMG's most popular models in the late 1950s during his early career in Hollywood. In the early 1960s he moved to Italy to get work in the popular sword & sandals movies that made Ed Fury and Steve Reeves stars.

    In an interview he gave many years ago, Richard said he thought his greatest contribution to cinema was recommending Clint Eastwood to Sergio Leone for the lead in Fistful of Dollars. It was Clint's breakout movie that made him a star.

    He's still around and will turn 85 years old next month.