Monday, April 6, 2020

Difficult Times

Blogging in the time of Covid-19

This being a vintage blog, I don't often mention current events, but we find ourselves in exceptional times.  First and foremost, I want to extend my wishes to each and every one of you for health and safety.  Those of you working in the health care professions also have my deep respect and appreciation.  We all need to follow the guidelines for social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel and contact.

On the blogging front, Google Analytics tells me that I have had a 50% increase in page views here over the past 30-45 days with most of that being new viewers.  I suppose part of this might be due to natural increase, but I can't help thinking that at least part of this is because quite a few of you have more time on your hands than before everything shut down.  There has also been a comparable increase in comments and messages on the contact form.  It makes me feel a bit better to imagine that some of  you find respite in coming to the pages of this blog.  Thank you for that.

I have also noticed geographic changes in my viewership.  I want to send a big welcome to all you folks from Hong Kong who have started following.  You have joined the USA, UK, France, and Germany in my top five points of viewer origin.  I also want to welcome a lot of new guys from Argentina, South Africa, Philippines, Brazil, and Colombia.  Everyone over age 18 is welcome here.

Again, keep safe and know I appreciate you all,



  1. I haven't looked at my analytics. I think I will - it would prove interesting.

    1. It wasn't the easiest thing (for me, anyway) to set up, but it has been quite revealing.

  2. You've gone global! Little wonder since your blog is wealth of absolutely wonderful imagery curated in a brilliant way.

  3. My pleasure and let me say thanks to you.
    How does one submit photos to you?
    I'd have to dig them up but somewhere I have some interesting photos of the Ritter Brothers that I don't believe I've seen on Vintage Muscle Men. What I'm referring to are pages of contact sheets of them and also with models that they photographed. What;s interesting about these images (and also a little frustrating) is that the genitalia have been covered with posing straps that were painted onto the photos. I'd love to know more about the Ritter Brothers. I find them so fascinating and very sexy too. There seems to be not a lot written about them?