Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Dramatically Lighted Men With Balls

We'll look at some dramatically lighted men holding balls today. I don't know any of the photographers and only one of the models has a name, and I'm not sure of it. 
The photographic styles remind me of Bruce and Milo, and any help would be appreciated as always.
Edited to add:  JamesIV informs us in the comments that this is Tommy Lee by Bruce of LA, but the_cham_cham quotes a good source as it being Frank Nisi.  At least we all agree that it's by Bruce.


  1. That's Tommy Lee by Bruce of LA.

    1. Thanks, James. It does have Bruce's style in spades.

  2. Much as I would normally not wish to argue with James IV, I believe this is Frank Nisi, not Tommy Lee. Tommy is uncircumcised and this model is circumcised. Frank has a smattering of chest hair and Tommy always appears smooth in the 16 or so photos I have of him.

  3. I just nipped over to check my usual reliable source of model info: malemodelsvintagebeefcake .blogspot .com (spaces added to mask URL) and Mike has named the model Frank Nisi and photgraphed by Bruce of LA (see blog entry dated 10 April 2012)