Friday, April 10, 2020

I don't have a title for this pen and ink drawing by Cocteau.


  1. Beaucoup de dessins de Jean Cocteau avait pour modèle le comédien Jean Marais (né le 11 décembre 1913 à Cherbourg et mort le 8 novembre 1998 à Cannes)
    Many of Jean Cocteau's drawings were based on the actor Jean Marais (born December 11, 1913 in Cherbourg and died November 8, 1998 in Cannes)

    1. I knew they had some sort of relationship, but I didn't know about the drawings. Thanks, Albert!

  2. Je pense qu'une particularité des dessins dont Jean Marais était le modèle est que le dessin met souvent les longs cils de l'acteur en valeur. Sur ce dessin par exemple, même de dos, on voit les cils de l'homme...
    I think that a particularity of the drawings of which Jean Marais was the model is that the drawing often highlights the actor's long eyelashes. In this drawing for example, even from the back, we can see the eyelashes of the man ...