Sunday, April 12, 2020

Touchy Feely Duo Day, Part 1 - Nudes

Today's double feature theme is touchy feely duos.  We start with two guys 
who are just barely touching, but are ready to get under way.
Note to regulars:  It will be no surprise if the natural fur and derriere view
 get a nod from my dear friend Albert the Belgians.


  1. Merci Jerry. J'adore les hommes très poilus et si je pouvais en trouver un comme lui, ce serait du pur bonheur pour moi. Plus il y a de poil et plus je deviens fou !!!
    Thanks Jerry. I love very hairy men and if I could find one like him, it would be pure happiness for me. The more hair there is, the more crazy I go !!!

  2. Sounds as if Albert and I have the same tastes.

    1. So it would seem. You are in good company because Albert is a really nice guy.