Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Dale Curry, Part 2- Semi-nudes

 Bob Mizer of AMG apparently never took any frontal nudes of Dale Curry.  (At least I can't 
seem to find any.)  He did, however, produce some excellent semi-nudes, including 
this one and three others in the second half of today's double feature.


  1. Enjoying your blog! Curious to see if frontal nudes existed, I stumbled upon lots of nude Dale Curry here (

    1. Perhaps you hadn't scrolled down to the Dale Curry nudes I posted when you wrote this. I put up five out of my collection, which includes quite a few more. I just don't know who took the nudes. Thanks for the source note. That is a huge site I was aware of, and I should look at what they have on Curry.