Saturday, May 2, 2020

Men and Logs

Anyone remember the old Ren and Stimpy cartoon show?
Today's theme is logs.


  1. Great theme, even if Kricfalusi is a pedophile.

    1. Gee, how did I miss that awful bit of news? I only knew he was a terrible procrastinator who ended up getting fired for producing Halloween shows in time for Christmas.

    2. There was also his role in the "CalArts style" conspiracy theory, which is the Gamergate of animation.

      Funny thing, that godawful Thundercats cartoon reminds me of nothing more than that godawful Teen Titans cartoon, which was clearly influenced by Ren & Stimpy. Godawful Lion-O is very Stimpy-like as well. And you can't bring Steven Universe in because, um, Rebecca Sugar didn't go to CalArts. What about when they whine they can't fap to She-Ra? Adventure Time was huge.