Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Based on the hair and glimpse of the beard, I think this is one of Marconi's regularly used models, but it's hard to tell from this direction.  Even comparing all the derrieres in the collection didn't turn up a good match, so I'm not completely sure.  Yes, I actually did that.  I'm that obsessed with this stuff.

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  1. My great-grandfather, Charles (1835-1921), was a Victorian polymath... he was a Classist (who translated some of Emanuel Swedenborg's works from the Latin into English), an engineer (who designed a safer way to sink mine shafts), and studied under Isambard Kingdom Brunel (who built the Great Western Railway) and in later life, became a major dairyman in the City of Bristol and founded what became the United Western Dairies, whereupon his eldest son, Great Uncle Richard, became a dairy heir.