Sunday, June 7, 2020

Chubby Chasers, Your Day Has Come, Part 1

I consistently get requests for chubby men here on the blog, and I consistently come up short when trying to find good material.  (My previous pattern has been to dole it out piecemeal.)  So at the risk of some repeat posts, I'm finally doing a full double feature, starting with the only photo in the nude section of the show that isn't of a nudist.  Actually, I don't have any idea what this represents.


  1. Un nudiste qui a peur de se faire enculer, peut-être LOLLLLLL
    A nudist who's afraid of being fucked, maybe LOLLLLLL

  2. The mind boggles... With perhaps only the approval of Edward de Bono, I am reminded of an hilarious incident in the family when my parents decided to restore my grandmother's Box Brownie photographs of her European Grand Tour in 1910. When the pictures of a ferry steamer on what we took to be Lake Como were enlarged, we discovered that the toilets on board had doors on the internal side, but no wall on the external, and so the public had their nether regions exposed to the entirety of Lombardy. In the same vein, perhaps this is a photograph of a Belle Epoque Italian urinal.

    1. Calorman, great story from the past. I love the information you share on this blog, but that one is certainly unique and entertaining.