Thursday, June 4, 2020

I posted a photo last October that was probably made during the same session as this one.
Oddly, Ed was standing behind what appeared to be a small pile of rubbish.
Bruce of LA was known to do photo shoots at locations similar to those in which Ed Fury appears in today's beach pictures, but I have no other clues as to who might have done them.


  1. Ed Fury had one of the most harmonious and attractive physiques of his era. I have some very grainy, cine camera shot images of him posing at a beach of which I never tire. Am I right in thinking he was gay and once shot a porn film with the beautiful Chris Dickerson - né Henri Christophe?

    1. I have checked some movie websites which include porn performances, and none are shown for Ed. He has been married to the same woman for 61 years, but that certainly doesn't prove anything as to his sexual orientation. I should also note that a lot of heterosexual men as far back as the 1930's have posed for photos and performed in movies that they knew were being pitched to gays. 1940's bodybuilding guru Dan Lurie even joked about it in his memoir.