Saturday, June 13, 2020

Solo Swimmers

Our theme today is solo swimmers, starting with this indoor fellow.


  1. Ah, the joy of nude swimming. Much missed..

  2. There was once a time when male nudity at the swimming baths was expected and not at all a novelty. I swam naked in school and there were public baths - using warm, spa water - where only Nylon trunks were permitted but most of us went naked on the "men only" days. We didn't think twice about it.

    1. If only that time would come back... I got to swim naked for one year at school. It used to compulsory, for my year they made it optional. All the older boys (17 and 18) continued to swim naked. Sadly to following year we all had to wear trunks. Although this was the era of the tiny Speedo, so that much difference for me. I've several times on here, I think this is very healthy regards body image. we were all different and accepted that.

    2. I meant to add. All this was in the mid 70s.I got to swim naked again in the late 80s. Men only naturist group. All mixed ages, sizes backgrounds. I went every week for several years.

    3. The Speedo first came on the scene in the early 1960s. (If I remember correctly, 1963.) Originally from Australia - where, today, its descendant is known as a pair of "budgy smugglers" (the world would be a poorer place without the Ozzie sense of humour), they were manufactured in Nottingham - too late for Robin Hood to wear them under his tights, although there are rumours about Big John. We wore them for competition inter-school swimming meets but the rest of the time, we just went naked. Except for one school on the circuit, where we went naked and wore different coloured team swimming caps. The Master (mine was only one of two schools to use that term for the headmaster) - and who had a very dry, wicked wit - would put any notices in a tray suspended from the outside of his study door for the prefects to collect and read after meals in our dining hall. The day following one swimming meet when we had slaughtered the opposition, he wrote: I would like to congratulate the school's swimming team for taking their clothes of to such spectacular effect. The place collapsed in laughter.

  3. Très belle photo. Ce najeur est poilu, là où j'aime, peut-être pas assez à mon goût. J'adore nager nu, mais il y a de moins en moins d'endroit où l'on peut le faire. Pourtant qu'il y a-t'il de plus naturel que la nudité. (Jerry, je t'ai envoyé un message, mais apparement, on sait poster des commentaires, maintenant).
    Very beautiful photo. This swimmer is hairy, where I like, maybe not enough for my taste. I love to swim naked, but there are fewer and fewer places where you can do it. Yet what is more natural than nudity. (Jerry, I sent you a message, but apparently we know how to post comments now)

  4. He's got a face for TV. An idol type. Contrasted nicely with his muscled physique. He looks pretty hung, which can be a negative sometimes with me. I think he would look cuter with an average cock.

    Face: 8
    Body: 9