Monday, June 15, 2020

That mirror might have been put to better artistic use with a little effort, 
but the picture is still quite good.  I feel like I've seen the model elsewhere, too.
Is this by Bruce of LA?  Edited to add:  Our always helpful contributor of information, the_cham-cham tells us in the comments that this is Rocky Land, aka Rocky Coffey.
Second edit:  VintagePhysiquePhotographh says this was taken in the upstairs bathroom at Don Whitman's house in Denver.  That would make it Western Photography Guild photo.


  1. C'est dommage en effet que le miroir soit mal orienté, le modèle doit avoir une belle paire de fesses.
    It is a shame indeed that the mirror is badly oriented, the model must have a nice pair of buttocks.

  2. Well, it's certainly not Lon of New York, although the model is chunky enough. After all, Mae West would most certainly not have fitted into that tub.

  3. I believe his name is Rocky Lane (aka Rocky Coffey).

  4. This is Don Whitman's upstairs bathroom...