Thursday, June 4, 2020

The catalog number at the top of this Ed Fury photo made me think of Bruce of LA, and sure enough, a review of my files found several Bruce items with the same enumeration system.  Most of them, however, had a little "Bruce" stamp in script in the upper left.  Still, I'm sure it's by Bruce.


  1. Yes, I always assumed this was a Bruce Bellas photograph. It's the pillars what does it.

    1. Interesting historical note worth repeating: Other than obvious aspiration to Classical art, the widespread use of columns in physique photography is often attributed to Lon of New York. He took over the lease on Mae West's Manhattan apartment and inherited a lot of her kitschy decor items which included some plaster columns along with the Rococo cherubs. Bruce, Pat Milo, Russ Warner, and others used them, too.