Monday, July 27, 2020

Apparently smoking and naked handshakes were ordinary events in the Cubs' locker room.


  1. Do we have a name for the smoking gentleman?

    I confess his lack of circumcision cuts against the Americanness of the photo.

    1. You'd think someone would know his name, but none of the versions of the picture I've seen on line list one. Even during the height of the American circumcision proclivity, there were holdouts. In my high school gym classes in 1960's Texas, there were five guys out of about 60 who were uncut. And yes, I had to count them. The views during the gang showers were the only thing about that class I liked.

    2. Born in 83, peak circumcision was 85. Only one cut dick in my circle, and he was also the only white boy.