Monday, July 27, 2020

The Bum Brigade might appreciate these baseball players 
checking out another team's game on their locker room TV.


  1. C'est étrange pour des sportifs comme des joueurs de baseball, je trouve qu'ils n'ont pas des fesses très musclées... Est-ce moi qi ai cette impression là?
    It's strange for sportsmen like baseball players, I find that they don't have very muscular buttocks ... Is it me who have that impression?

    1. Well, it certainly seems so in this picture.

    2. In the old days very few pro baseball players worked out with weights, but nowadays the bodies look quite different. These players were on the Baltimore Orioles.

    3. Yes, the Orioles. My source says they were watching another team to learn who they would face in a playoff or the World Series. Or was it the World Series itself? I don't think they had playoffs back then unless there was a tie.