Friday, August 28, 2020

Eugene Jansson Day, Part 1 - Nude photos at the Floating Bathhouse

Swedish artist Eugene Jansson was fond of spending time at the Swedish Navy's floating bathhouse swimming facility.  I have nine photos made there around 1905, some of which feature Jansson himself and his lover Knut Nylan, standing here right and left respectively.  The first half of our Jansson double feature focuses on these, followed by some of Jansson's art featuring Nyland and cadets as models.


  1. Jerry, thanks for this series. I've seen a couple of these photos on other sites. But I never knew their history or context.

  2. Although I have seen this before it is always a pleasure to see these four men relaxing in "the natural state". I wish we had a floating bathhouse in London.

  3. Knut's torso is a masterpiece.