Friday, August 28, 2020

In addition to swimming, some of the naval cadets at the Floating Bathhouse got some exercise by running laps around the enclosure.  Here we can just barely see Jansson behind the front runner. 


  1. A stunning Muybridge like image. I've done this a few times at Highgate men's ponds in London. The joy of naked exercise...

    1. Yes, I thought of Muybridge, too. Highgate sounds nice!

    2. Although men are no longer allowed to swim nude there is a nude sunbathing area. This is much smaller but looks like the one in the Jansson photographs. Naturally it gets very crowded. However in the cooler months there is room not just to sunbathe but to exercise naked. I've had several sessions of star jumps, press ups, pull ups and generally hanging out naked. Can't be beaten.