Friday, August 14, 2020

Julius Caesar was assassinated before he became a full on Emperor, but he was well on the way.


  1. Gaius Julius Caesar was of course as bald as a coot, so this the makeover to end all makeovers. Most Roman statuary was in fact painted and it seems that there is a reasonable residue for us to assume that this statue would have been painted in red ochre. It was a traditional rite that the subject of a Roman "triumph" would be drawn through the streets of Rome in his military chariot, his naked body painted in red ochre. Gaius Julius Caesar was accorded a Triumph in 52BCE, to acknowledge is victory in the Gallic Wars. It is a fair assumption that this statue was in commemoration of that event,

    1. I noticed the ochre tint, but didn't know the significance. Thanks for commenting.