Thursday, August 20, 2020

This arboreal photo of George O'Mara is from Colt Studio.


  1. I was under the impression that George modeled primarily for Kris Studio. I was also under the impression that George's modeling career was from 1958 to about 1962. Was Colt around 1962?

    1. Colt became active about 1968, and there are photos of Omara for sale with the Colt stamp on them. I did a quick comparison, and he looks older in the Colt pictures than those by Kris.

  2. O'Mara was one of the most gorgeous men of all from that Golden Age of Muscle Photography.

  3. I've seen this and other photos from this photo session on several other sites and all attributed it to Kris studios. I, also, just visited the Colt studio site and saw this same photo attributed to them. They didn't even have George O'mara's name as the model; instead they named him "Adonis" and had no biographical information on him like most of the other models featured. Strange don't you think.