Monday, September 14, 2020

Dudes in the Dunes

 For those of you in the North Temperate Zone, the beach season is coming to an end, 
so today we will take a look at some dudes in the dunes.  Of all of today's pictures,
I think this one has the greatest chance of being a professional photo.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I would love to have some fun in the dunes with him!

  2. Interesting photo. The very attractive model appears to be from the 30's to 40's era, because of his simple slick back hairstyle and being uncircumcised. He appears to spend a lot of time at the beach because of his bleached blonde body and head hair. There's a barely noticeable bikini tan line so he's comfortable with nudity. I think you're right about this being a posed nude photo, almost Ritter Brother's style.

    1. Good observations. Earle Forbes was doing some work in the Long Island dunes about the time you mention. Maybe he did the photo.

  3. I keep returning to this magnificent man. Oh to have that torso.