Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Gerald Desfosses posed for this lovely color photo by Mark One.



  1. Gerald, Gerald, can it get ANY more perfect?! What beautiful proportions from his head to his feet. And that butt! Positively mouth watering. Are there more photos of this gorgeous man? I think I'm in love. 😍🤪

    1. Yes, but they are all posing strap, and this the best in my collection, imo.

  2. The last time I heard (not that long ago), Gerald Desfosses - or Gérald Desfossés in his native Quebec - was still alive and in the late 1990s had started his own canoe manufacturing company and was managing excursions along the rivers of Quebec. A son of the Great Canadian Outdoors, he was a runner for 30s years and has gone down to posterity opining that he preferred a massage from a gay man - "because they were better at it."