Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The photo quality on this shot of Billy Hill isn't the greatest,
but at least is shows him in a setting different from the others in my collection.



  1. The gorgeous Billy Hill is always a treat. He was supposed to be a good friend of Allen Stone/Mark One. Stone was wheelchair bound and needed help getting around, which Billy Hill often provided. There are stories about Billy getting involved with Stone to try and avoid a police raid on Mark One's material, which by most accounts didn't end well. Then there are the conflicting stories about Billy's sexuality and the confusion surrounding his early death in 1979. There are several photos of Billy's sense of humor where he's shown with him grabbing his impressive erection.

    1. I knew about Billy being a big help with Stone's mobility and mentioned it in the caption of another post today. According to one report I read, that police raid did not result in prosecution, but the bad publicity ruined Stone's reputation and career, at least in the short run.