Thursday, September 24, 2020

I got a request for some middle aged men, and as usual, I resorted to my nudist files.  This time the best unused photos in my collection were all color, so this will be a rare all color series.  I think I posted a black and white version of this camper on my old tumblr, but he's worth another look.



  1. Lovely bloke. Casual, with a rather handsome glans.

  2. As this rather stunning photograph proves, the standards of mass-produced colour photography, even during the 1960s, remained really rather primitive. Thank goodness we didn't know any better.

    1. LOL, yes, things were rather primitive in the magazines. I think part of the problem was the down and dirty process for the massive print runs. I worked for a printing supply warehouse in college in the early 70s, and the printers who did color work were constantly subject to complaints from their customers that the mass output was of far lower quality than the photographs they were based on. Some of the physique photographers such as Bruce of LA and Denny Denfield (among others) did beautiful color photography as far back as the early 50s. Every now and then, I do a full color series from the 50s here. Hmmmm . . . maybe it's time for another.