Saturday, September 5, 2020

 This is Joe Knowles, a Boston man who was one of the first ever reality stars.  In 1913 he set off on a 60-day survivalist trek through the Maine woods clad only in his jockstrap.  He left notes describing his adventures on strips of birch bark which were taken back to Boston and transcribed into the newspapers.  After his return to civilization it was learned that most of his trip had been faked, and that he had spent a lot of the time in a relatively comfortable cabin.  That part sounds modern, eh?


  1. I've never understood the appeal of the "reality shows". I have friends in medicine who assure me that a third of the actors/contestants are rejected because their bloodwork comes back positive for a number of (unreported) diseases. Yup, 4 unrelated medical friends/sources have told me there's a rejection rate of about 30%. "Reality" entertainment doesn't seem to have changed much over the centuries.

  2. I would have left the jockstrap at home.