Saturday, September 5, 2020

Jockstrap Oddities

 The noble jockstrap has an important place in the history of athletics . . . and gay fetishism.  Today we look at some vintage jockstrap oddities, starting with this strange looking construction project.  We have one guy in a jock, one in shorts, and one apparently naked.  Wish I had been there!


  1. This photo looks very much like a subject we were discussing in a previous post. Enlisted men in WW2 wearing as little as possible or nothing at all while doing grunt work in the great heat and humidity of the Pacific. But, as someone stated, they always wore their boots!

    1. I didn't think of that, but it makes sense. I just have to wonder who takes their jockstrap off to war on a remote tropical island. Apparently, this guy.

  2. The nude guy seems to be having fun.