Friday, September 18, 2020

 Munch’s work includes quite a few male nudes.  This is “Sitting naked man with dog”, 1916-1917.  Like all of Munch’s work, there is a deliberate lack of detail.  Munch did not aim for photographic realism.


  1. In the lands of snow and forests, the traditional fuel used for domestic heating was wood. Because most of the houses were also made of wood - with two walls, the cavity filled with impacted hay which often lasted a century before replenishment - an open hearth was a fire hazard, and so Scandinavian wood burners, mostly floor-to-ceiling tubular towers, often covered in painted ceramic finish, were common. In the smaller dwellings, the wood burner would be built in the centre of the house to heat both upstairs and downstairs rooms. Here, Munch has his cold model, with his even colder faithful friend, basking in the heat from the wood burner, which has warmed the walls.