Thursday, September 24, 2020

This gentleman appears to be the emcee at pageant or beauty contest.
Seems like 1960's nudists were always doing those.



  1. I suspect not, I hope they still do. Related to this I'm sure many fan of this site would agree with me that body-building contents should be held nude. I find the usual standard set pose sequence is rather spoilt by brightly coloured posing briefs. I recently saw a video of a competition standard contestant going through his routine nude. So much better, elegant, his physique wasn't cut in half by briefs. Oddly it makes you look at the whole body not the crotch.

    1. Well, I would agree with you about modern body building contests except for the fact that I find the bodies to be somewhat grotesque these days. Way too overdeveloped.

    2. Oh yes, there is that too. This one I saw was still quite proportionate and also very modestly endowed, nicely adding to the living classical statue look.

  2. hey each to their own, to me this man looks great, all natural beautiful male shape & body hair ~ fine pubes n genitals too.
    Ok The 1960's style hair seems odd right now but he looks happy wearing it so no issue for me.