Friday, October 2, 2020

This statue by Vincenzo De Rossi, c. 1560, is often mistaken for Hercules and Antaeus, 
but it actually depicts Hercules wrestling with another opponent, Diomedes.  
Note that Diomedes is either fighting dirty or trying to show Hercules how much he likes him.



  1. Hercule n'a pas l'air d'apprécier que Diomède tripote sa petite bite... LOL
    Hercules doesn't seem to like Diomedes fiddling with his small cock ... LOL

  2. A nude muscular guy with a beard ticks several boxes for me, so I think I might be showing him how much I like him too!

  3. In the ancient Olympics, only men were permitted to participate and look on. The wrestling was no holds barred, and grabbing your opponent's balls and peter was permitted and not unusual. The practice was picked up by the Romans, too. So this sculpture is more accurate than you might think.