Thursday, November 26, 2020

All the information that came with this one was "1968."



  1. Sans vouloir être méchant, Jerry, je trouve que tu as bien fait de vider tes vieux dossiers. Mis à part cette photo qui est plus ou moins intéressante. Les autres sont vraiment...comme on dit en français...du n'importe quoi. Il faut parfois faire le vide et certains membres y trouveront peut-être leur bonheur. Ne m'en veux pas , je dis toujours ce que je pense...
    Without wanting to be mean, Jerry, I think you did well to empty your old files. Apart from this photo which is more or less interesting. The others are really ... as we say in French ... nonsense. Sometimes you have to empty yourself and some members may find their happiness there. Don't blame me, I always say what I think ...

    1. I appreciate your honesty, Albert. Sometimes I intentionally post photos that I don't personally like for the sake of variety or for that person with odd tastes. Today would be an example, lol.

  2. It might look like a waste of space but the pubic view is nice for me.