Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Earle Forbes took this photo of an unidentified striding model around 1938,
probably in the dunes of Fire Island where he did a number of photo shoots.



  1. Perfect ass, perfectly proportioned thighs, shoulders and back beautifully shown. Great picture.

  2. A classic Greek pose in front of a background, that was often used at the time, was chosen to represent the fantastic body of this really powerful man. 💪 The rotating movement of a discus thrower lets almost all muscles of the splendid body tense, and thus emerge very clearly. A mighty, admirably muscular shoulder area, strong upper arms, hard buttocks, and long, well-developed legs. An impressive guy, whose muscles seem absolutely natural, and not like today's fitness center. 👍

    1. I hadn't thought of the Classical element, but you're correct.