Wednesday, November 18, 2020

George Solo strikes a nice pose on a stool in this J. Brian photo.



  1. I remember now that I was going to search for George's full name in a previous post, but forgot - for which I apologize.

    I have a series of George Solo shots by Galerie Vetruvian, most of them featuring him wearing see-through Jockey Skants, with the appropriate lighting, and which leave nothing to the imagination. Our George, however, wasn't exactly skulking behind the kitchen door when they were handing out the cookies, and the only imagination needed is just, what, one would do with it.

    I didn't know that Galerie Vetruvian was a "trading as" name used by J Brian. Thanks for solving that magnum mysterium, which has helped me clean up my own archives. Other than that, I do rather enjoy loose ends.

    1. I haven't been able to find any full on frontal nudes of George. He always has on those Skants or is demurely posed to hide the package. Too bad, that. Glad I was able to clarify the Galerie Vetruvian branding for you.