Friday, November 6, 2020

I wonder if this sailor knew that his towel 
wasn't completely covering his crotch.



  1. I was in the Navy, and there were a lot of wacky exhibitionists in there. So yeah, he probably knew.
    Wacky exhibitionist story. There was a Gunners Mate from Appalachia in his 30s — not exactly what one would call smart — who was rather endowed. He got busted for standing on the very tip of the bow of the ship with it out and stroking it while we were pulling into port. The captain's wife happened to be standing on the pier. Uhhhhh. . . ..

    1. There were probably a lot of other women waiting on the pier, too, but the captain's wife had the ability to get the guy busted. I suspect some of them probably didn't mind.

    2. My father, who had been in the Royal Navy, had some extremely idiosyncratic habits I could only ever put down to his days in the service. As soon as my mother and sister were away, which was quite often, he would run the house like a ship - 24-hour clock, "decorative" language and the first drink as soon as the sun was over the yardarm. One of his more annoying habits was to take all his washing down to the utility room beyond the kitchen, load the washing machine and then unaccountably take off the clothes he was wearing, load those as well, throw the switch and then walk back through the house, up the stairs and into his dressing room. One day, he came down as was his wont when two friends of mine turned up at the front door. They were standing in the hall when my father walked by, bollock naked, and without so much as a raised eyebrow, said, "Hello, lads" as he made his way up the stairs.

      "Does your father always do that?" Jock asked me.

      "Yes," I replied, "but never in front of the ladies."

    3. I had a career military uncle who was a lot like your father. He was bisexual decades before it was fashionable and quite popular across the gender/orientation spectrum. He was just about to retire when "don't ask, don't tell" became the rule. Dear Uncle told me that most of the time that had already been the practical approach in most echelons for decades. "If there's any possible chance to just look the other way, most officers will take it."

  2. Je pense que montrer sa bite ne devait pas le déranger beaucoup, comme le dit SagebrushDan
    I think showing his cock shouldn't bother him much like SagebrushDan says