Friday, November 6, 2020

These men on the deck of a U.S. Navy ship seem to be getting a bath in a rainstorm.



  1. While off the coast of Vietnam, the USS Higbee's water system broke down. They had enough water for drinking, but not for showering. The sailors began to get a bit ripe — and showering is a sacred and holy duty on ships (you got demerits in boot camp for not showering daily). So, when a nasty rainstorm hit, the captain had all the guys take showers in the rain. While all the guys were out there scrubbing away, they pulled away from the storm. The captain ordered the ship to turn back into the storm. Someone asked why. The captain answered, "To wash off the soap!"

  2. Très intéressant les commentaires de Sagebrush Dan. J'aimerais savoir si lui était gay et s'il y avait beaucoup de marins sur les bateaux qu'il a emprunté durant sa carrière qui s'amusaient sexuellement entre eux.
    Very interesting comments from Sagebrush Dan. I would like to know if he was gay and if there were a lot of sailors on the boats he borrowed during his career who had sex with each other.

    1. Gay. Most of the guys on the ship were homophobic shitheads. I was outed shortly after getting on the ship, and received a few death threats. It was an ongoing hassle with many of the guys, but I managed to get several straight friends. I heard there was gay sex going on the ship, but most of those guys got caught and kicked out. I believe one guy committed suicide when he got outed.
      Still, I became close to the straight guys, and several proved to be lifelong friends. They were great guys.
      After being on board for a couple years, I fell in love with an officer. The feeling was mutual, but he couldn't deal with the fear of being caught so he dumped me. Broke my heart. I tried to talk to the chaplain about it, but he literally threw me out of his office. Upon talking with the ship's doctor about meeting with a shrink to help me process my broken heart, the ship's doctor illegally broke his oath of silence and turned me in. They kicked me off of there within a few days.

      Very few of those fantasies about sailors having sex with each other are even remotely true. There is simply hardly any place to do it in secret.
      Things may be different now.
      I was in combat in Vietnam during my time there, so that is the time period I'm talking about.

    2. A very sad story that you tell us there, SagebrushDan