Monday, November 23, 2020


Today's theme is artists' models, and we start with Samuel Butler Rose c.1865. of St John’s College, Cambridge, UK.  It's unfortunate that the photographer didn't show his face.


  1. Wow, lovely...1965.a real time travel image.
    If only we could see his face. A stunning and very well built body for this date. A familiar pose to me...nothing changes.

    1. Yes, I've never seen a 19th C. model built quite that way.

    2. Quite a few seem to have some spinal disfigurement. Many thanks for posting these. As usual this model loves them...

    3. The spinal thing is definitely worth mentioning. Some models with such were intentionally chosen for medical reasons and the photos made ended up in the general mix of historic photos instead of anatomy texts. Others, usually with milder signs, were manual laborers showing the stress of doing hard work without the safety techniques of modern bodybuilders.

    4. Yes, there are quite a few with curvature of the spine. I assume common at the time. Working a medical models which led to more general life modelling. Also, as you say physical labourers with uneven development related to repetitive activities. Medical modelling has almost disappeared. I'd love to do it. We all have something of interest.