Thursday, November 19, 2020

Return to the Mines . . .

We hit the dressing rooms and showers of miners today, for a theme that should bring a smile to my dear friend Albert . . . perhaps doubly so as there are several nice derrieres included.  The miner at left still had coal smudge on his face and the one at right has quite an attribute shown in profile.



  1. Merci Jerry pour cette magnifique série de photos consacrées aux mineurs. C'est avec beaucoup d'émotion que je vois ces photos. Comme tu le sais, toute ma famille, depuis 7 générations. J'en suis sûr grâce aux archives que j'ai pu parcourir. Mes ancêtres ont été mineurs depuis 1790. Ils ont tous travaillé comme mineur de fond, dans les mines de charbon de Belgique. C'est presque un album de famille que je vois défiler devant moi en regardant ces photos. Merci encore.
    Thank you Jerry for this wonderful series of photos devoted to minors. It is with great emotion that I see these photos. As you know, my whole family, for 7 generations. I am sure of it thanks to the archives I was able to browse. My ancestors have been miners since 1790. They all worked as underground miners in the Belgian coal mines. It's almost a family album that I see scrolling in front of me looking at these photos. Thanks again.

    1. I always think of you, Albert, when I post these photos because I know how happy they make you. You are more than welcome!