Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Bob Mizer of AMG took this photo of Ray Robirds (sometimes spelled Roberds)
on one of his rooftop fake mountain sets.  Actually, I'm not sure if those were
actually different sets, different versions of the same set, or just different shooting
angles of the same set.  Trees, rocks, goats, stumps, logs, dogs, and of course men
were all hauled up there for a vast array of photo shoots.  I'm pretty sure some
of the trees were actually left over Christmas trees.  Really cheap on December 26.



  1. In the AMG days? Aluminum trees, not natural ones, were we rigeur. Ideally shiny.

    1. Yes, my mother bought one of those, but some people did stick with real trees. I came to hate that shiny tree, but now it's considered and heirloom, and my nieces fight over who gets to put it up every year. Go figure.