Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild in the Studio

Don Whitman's trademark style at Western Photography Guild was his use of spectacular Rocky Mountain settings in his beefcake photos.  Today, we will see just how good he could be in the studio.    We start with Ronnie Rains in a Classically inspired reclining pose.



  1. Real nice pose. I like that he isn't oiled. It seems a bit different.

  2. This and the Alan Green are the best, IMO. Great lighting.

  3. Lovely. A really tricky pose, this type can look awkward as the model may well be uncomfortable. With right arm support it could make a good medium length life pose. I must add Mr Rains or Mr Whitman has arranged his cock and balls nicely. One's "bits" do not always flop into an artistic position. I often need to arrange mine.

    1. I was hoping we'd hear from you, David. When I selected this picture I remember thinking how lucky the model was to be in a photo shoot rather than a life drawing session. I often wonder exactly who did the "arranging," lol.