Monday, December 14, 2020

Kent Kuehn

Michigan native Kent Kuehn (1936-2019) was a championship level bodybuilder who moved 
in the top circles of that sport for almost two decades.  His titles are too numerous to list here, but included Mr. Michigan and a divisional Mr. USA crown.  At one point after he could no longer 
compete due to injuries and age, he worked the front desk at the original Gold's Gym in LA.  
Somewhat unusually for competitors of his generation, he posed nude in a memorable session 
for which I can find no photographer's attribution.



  1. Doesn't he sum up the glory of maleness? Great pose and lighting, perfect body. Wow!

    1. It is a great picture of a good model. I only wonder if he removed his chest hair like so many of these guys did. I'd say probably.

    2. Probably. I never understood the need to do that. Oh I know it showed the musculature better, but this man does not seem to have needed that. At least his bush is still there. Shaving THAT really turns me off.