Saturday, December 19, 2020

Men with Balls

Today's theme is men with balls.  I got this from Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy, 
who described it as "Hunky German playing with his enormous ball."  
How unlike her not to notice that other enormous thing in the picture. 



  1. This photo goes a long way to explain why so many of my male friends are so obsessed with ball games. A real feel good activity!! Can't say that I ever remember having that same feeling when I played.

  2. C'est rare de voir des photos d'hommes un peu 'tendu' chez toi Jerry, mais ce n'est pas moi qui vais me plaindre !!!
    It's rare to see photos of men a little 'tense' in your home Jerry, but I'm not the one who will complain !!!

  3. Oh, she noticed ... she noticed.