Friday, December 11, 2020

These men are doing their washing on a "dock" that's nearly submerged and looks 
like a section of roofing.  Oh well, there was a major war going on after all.



  1. I take it this dates from the WWII Era. These pix of men goung about daily chores are very pleasant. Finland, America, peacetime, wartime, men gotta do what men gotta do. It's better when it's in the company of other males.

  2. Finland is a land of lakes, and almost every landing stage there has such a platform as can be seen in the photo. The normal laundry wasn't actually washed there, but the carpets. Finnish houses traditionally have wooden floors with self-woven rag rugs. These are then washed at the lake at least once a year. This is still common today. 🇫🇮