Friday, December 11, 2020

Finland, Part 1 - More Soldiers

Today is another Finland day on the blog, and Part 1 starts with yet another example of how inventive the Finns were in rigging swims, baths, laundry, showers, and even saunas in the midst of a war.



  1. This pic has a charming quality to it and I can't put my finger on it. It seems relaxed and happy.

  2. At that time Finland was still a land of farms and forestry. Each of these courtyards is of course located on a lake, and of course absolutely every one of these courtyards has a sauna. Usually this is in an outbuilding where the wood for heating is stored and where the toilet is located. Of course, members of the army have the opportunity to use these saunas. The Finns are an extremely patriotic people. At least earlier it was customary on December 6th, Independence Day, to put a candle in every (!) Window of all public buildings. 🇫🇮