Monday, January 4, 2021

China Night - Seven Mystery Photos from Larry K.

My friend and frequent collaborator, Larry K., sent me an interesting group of seven photos recently.  They are all of the same unknown model by an unknown photographer with some indications that they might be of Spanish origin.  I have never posted a series like this before, but I am now because the pictures are quite good, and I'm hoping someone out there will know the story.  One last hint:  Larry found them on a French website labeled "Nuitdechine" (all one word) which should probably be "Nuit de Chine," or "China Night."  I love a mystery, but love solutions even better.



  1. This is a great series. I don't have any solutions to offer, but it rather reminds me of the one session I did in the early 80s...certainly didn't look this good. LOL

    1. You may have helped to date it. The decor might be early 80's.