Saturday, January 23, 2021

Here we have two hippies about to have a go at it.  The guy at left looks more like a surfer than a  hippie, but the guy at the right seems more real.  He even looks like he might be stoned.  At least the posters and the bedspread are utterly authentic.  This is one of a five-piece series I lifted from a 1969 soft port magazine.  Oddly, the guy at right was wearing women's nylons in several scenes.



  1. The guy on the left looks to be wearing woman's boots on both legs. The two guys could have been into a dress up scene.

    1. Right. I couldn't tell if the boots were men's or women's.

  2. J'ai l'impression que le mec de gauche est assez novice. Peut-être la première fois qu'il va se faire sodomiser... Celui de droite va être son initiateur...
    I have the impression that the guy on the left is quite a novice. Maybe the first time he's going to be sodomized ... The one on the right will be his initiator ...