Friday, January 22, 2021

I found this guy in my "defunct magazine" file with only the word "Dino" attached.
Did my email friend Dino send it to me?  Could be.  Dino's a nice guy.
Meanwhile, I'm sure Albert the Belgian is smiling about now.



  1. Comment ne pas commenté cette photo quand on est Belge et que l'on s'appelle Albert?
    Cette photo ne me fait pas seulement sourire, elle est pour moi, l'image parfaite !
    Un très beau cul poilu, un homme souriant et qui n'a peut-être qu'une envie, connaître un homme comme moi pour partager, une heure, une nuit ou une vie...
    Merci Jerry, j'avais déjà une photo fétiche dans tes 'bulldogs' (la dernière de cette série). Celle-ci est ma deuxième préférée dans tous ce que tu as publié !!!
    How not to comment on this photo when you are Belgian and your name is Albert?
    This photo does not only make me smile, it is for me, the perfect image!
    A very beautiful hairy ass, a smiling man who maybe has only one desire, to know a man like me to share, an hour, a night or a life ...
    Thank you Jerry, I already had a favorite photo in your 'bulldogs' (the last of this series). This is my second favorite in all that you have posted !!!

    1. You are quite welcome, Albert! Knowing you has made me smile so often, even even during saddest times. And you just did it again.

  2. Sorry, the pic's not from me. But it's a great pic! As is Albert, I tend to be a bum man.

    1. Well, at least I got the "nice guy" part right. Now I need to figure out who did send it to me.