Sunday, January 17, 2021

James O'Rourke got a photo shoot on the rooftop, a huge amount of 
descriptive verbiage, a name plate, and the requisite squiggles.



  1. Even though I could not make out a lot of the symbols, I like this serirs, Jerry. It's cool the way Bob classified his models with "hieroglyphics."

    1. During one of Mizer's confrontations with the legal authorities, they used those squiggles as "evidence" that he was running a mail order male prostitution ring. They were supposed to let the "customers" know what acts the men would do. While some of the men in the pictures were indeed hustlers, and some of the squiggles did indeed refer (usually vaguely) to sex acts, Mizer was not a pimp.

    2. I did not figure he was. Did the hieroglyphics show in public? Or only on stuff he kept private?

    3. From what I can tell, they were right there in the magazines, but I don't think most viewers knew what they meant.