Sunday, January 31, 2021

Like most of the photos by Arts Unlimited in my Butch magazine files, this one is outdoors.
If anyone has any information on this photographer, please let me know.



  1. It's pretty washed out, but I like the model and the pose. He looks uncut, and I thought by this point most of the men posing would be circumcised. Could he be European?

    1. Circumcision was always at different rates according to various social strata. It was most popular in the Northeast and industrial Midwest (and still popular in Michigan), along with Hawaii, but never reached over 50% in western states, and was almost non-existent in Alaska. Further, while most popular in the suburbs, exurbs, and small towns, it was less popular in big cities and the country. Second-generation immigrant families were also spared the knife.

      It was also very racial. At its peak, white men were overwhelmingly (>90%) circumcised, black men about 2 in 3 to 3 in 4, only about half of Asian men, and practically non-existent among American Indian men.

      Class stratification was as you would expect, with the rich teaching over 50% of neonates in the 30s, but by today's standards, it's as nouveau riche as a lion rampant on a gate or railing.

      Basically the more vanilla you were, the more likely you were circumcised.

    2. Thanks for the explanation. It's intetesting to know about this.