Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Steve Reno as photographed by Chuck Renslow of Kris Studio
wins our contrast prize for today's tan line series.
Used by kind permission of the copyright holder, 
Leather Archives and Museum of Chicago, Illinois



  1. Did they have tanning booths back then? Or are those tan lines thanks entirely to Father Nature?

  2. Wonderful masculinity. I am always appreciative of this kind of pioneer photography. Kudos as well to the model for his willingness to be photographed at a time when that was less common.

    1. Ian, if you are interested in learning more about Chuck Renlsow's role in gay history, click on the Kris Studio label below the photo or at the right of the main screen. That will bring up everything I've posted by him, and there's a lot of historical information. Mr. Renslow was a Gay Rights pioneer who paved the way for freedom and equality. One of my personal heroes.