Sunday, January 10, 2021

This composite shows the same man at a nude beach on what was almost certainly two separate occasions.  (I did not make the composite, btw.  It came to me from Bryan B. this way.)  My 
research on Denny Denfield found that he was known to frequent the California nude beaches 
with a camera and a six-pack of beer looking for willing models.  He often succeeded.



  1. Interesting that the man's groin is shaved. That was not common back then, was it?

    1. I'm not positive that it was shaved, but if not, it was certainly minimal or trimmed. Either way, quite uncommon for the time.

  2. My understanding of this obvious "manscaping" wasn't uncommon, during competitions, among the bodybuilders,and their followers, both then and now. It's a rare bodybuilder who will show up for a competition unshaven or "manscaped". Lots of men get "Brazilians" these days for the beach season.