Thursday, February 4, 2021

Brian Idol Day

Several months ago, I promised another Brian Idol series, and I have to apologize for taking so long.  We start with one of a whole set Bob Mizer of AMG did of Brian on the half shell.



  1. Thanks for this series. I've become a big admirer of Brian. Do you know whatever happened to him? I read that he was a hustler and got into trouble with drugs but that he also went to school for electrical engineering.

    1. You're welcome, Robert! If you you click on the "Brian Idol" label above or on the left side of the screen, my older posts of him will come up. There is some discussion in the comments and captions about his post modeling life. I believe electronics and lumberjack work were mentioned.

  2. He looks like he is very lightly oiled. It works well in this case, doesn't it?