Monday, February 15, 2021

Europe Week, Day 6 - Monday Military Madness, Compliments of Larry K.

Today's photos of European military men were generously provided by Larry K. who managed 
to find this photo of Finnish soldiers in a World War II sauna that had somehow escaped 
my collection from the SA-Kuva Archive.  Thanks, Larry!

Check out Larry's blog at



  1. Amazing how devoted to sauna the Finns are, even in the middle of a war. Ya gotta admire that!

    1. They managed under some pretty rough conditions, too. Click on the "Finns" label and some should come up.

  2. Voilà une série de photo comme je les aime. Celle-ci m'intrigue, trois soldats semblent avoir le visage noirci par du camouflage.
    Here is a series of photos as I like them. This intrigues me, three soldiers seem to have their faces blackened by camouflage.

  3. It looks the cameraman has intruded on their bonding by the expressions!

  4. The one one the left is handsome, although i wouldnt say no to any of them!!!